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A Two-Four, the night before - Feel better

A Two-Four, the night before - Feel better

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A Two-Four is Canadian Slang for a case of 24 beer, or a bottle of liquor 750 ml 24 oz. Often used when someone has a hangover. You must have the 24 oz flu.


    Note: Consult your physician before using Aromatherapy products if you have underlying conditions and are taking medication. Not all aromatherapy products will work for eveyone. See my Blog benefits and risks of Aromatherapy for more information.

    Formulated by a Accredited Aromatherapist to help ease a hangover (headache, nausea, and lathargy).

    Feel Better blend - Lavender, Grapefruit, Ginger, Rosemary 
    & Sandlewood

    Note: Drink plenty of water and snack on Banana and or Oranges to rehydrate and restore electrolytes. 

    For best results burn candle for 1 hour, extinguish  flame and rub the coconut infused essential oil onto temples and back of neck.  For nausea rub some on belly.

    Do not use if Pregnant, have Epilepsy, may cause skin irritation if applied to the skin.


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